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Are you looking for a full-service recruiting solution that saves you time and money? RecruiterSquad is here to do just that! Our placement directors and their recruiting specialists understand staffing processes well, and how to help clients find the top quality job candidates.

Identifying the right candidate for the job can be confusing. Especially when two individuals appear to have similar levels of skills, training and experience. That is why we developed our Applicant Matching system that examines your needs, and then measures those needs against in-depth candidate profiles. In doing so, this quantitative dimensional evaluation system assesses the resumes and generates a list of best matched candidates.

We go beyond staffing to provide complete HR solutions.

HR Managers and Recruiters! Where do you need hiring support the most?

Often services aren’t adequately explained. RecruiterSquad takes complex subject matter and translates it into an educational experience that is both informative and valuable – with results yielding an increase of as high as 25%.

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For one step or all the steps in the hiring process, RecruiterSquad is your flexible and cost-effective partner.

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